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Who we are

We love animals, especially we like the elegant and noble cats. That is why we decided to concentrate our efforts and life with Maine Coons.

Our passion for these beautiful creatures is something we want to share with you.

We got our first lovely cat back in 2003 and never expected how far it would get us. Numerous international exhibitions, travel and friends.

Best in class European roots

We doing our best to be able to work together with best European catteries. We follow recent trends and constantly on-line with our peers.

Groomed and gentle

Cats are extremely fastidious, by nature. You’ve no doubt watched your kitty washing herself several times a day. For the most part she can take care of herself very well, thank you, but sometimes she’ll need a little help from you.

Grooming sessions is fun for both of us, we schedule them when our cat’s relaxed, usually after exercise or eating.

Best cat food

When choosing a cat food, we peek label which says it meets the standards set by the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) or European analogue. That ensures that the food meets at best nutritional needs of our cats.

Educated and accustomed to good manners

Training a cat is very different from training a dog. For example, you won’t be asking your kitten to perform a range of actions that you might ask your dog to perform, such as “Sit” or “Heel.” However, you can teach your kitten to understand certain rules, for example, that she is not allowed to climb up the curtains or jump on the kitchen counters.

Every time your kitten behaves how you want her to, reward and praise her. Every time you find her on the kitchen counter, or climbing the curtains, lift her down and walk away from her. She’ll soon realize that keeping four feet on the floor means praise while unwanted climbing means that she gets ignored.

We work hard with our kittens to make them follow rules and bring best experience and joy for people their going be part of the family.

How we do it

Regular breeding with the best in class Main Coons

We never stick for specific bloods for a long time. Constant look for improvements and new colors is something we proud about.

International work with catteries from Germany, France and Poland

We have a lot of friends among community in cats world. We work together and help each other.

Care and Comfort

Love, care and comfort for our pets. What can be better than murmuring cat?

Better nutrition and care

Only best food brands!

Participating in Cat Shows

We love travel and our cats too, usually 🙂

Numerous BIC and winners in our kittery.

Professional veterinary support

Only professional veterinarians who we know and believe in their skills, and approach too.

Some facts about us

Interesting statistics we track


Happy families and breeders

Tons of cat food consumed over last 10 years

Cats show participated

Our males

Our awesome male cats

Our females

Our pretty felines

Our kittens

Our cute kittens

Litter "С" 01.02.2018


Sany Lusi-Kiss*UA

MCO n 09


HCM n/n,

SMA neg.


Xtra Fun Lito-Svit *UA

MCO f 22


HCM n/n,

SMA neg.

Our team

Behind the scenes

Iuliia Vdovina


Co-founder and chair of the Kiev cat club “Royal Feline”, organizer of international FIFe cat exhibitions, professional breeder with 15 years of experience in breeding Maine Coons.

Kateryna Vdovina


Co-founder and secretary of the Kiev cat club “Royal Feline”, organizer of international FIFe cat exhibitions, professional breeder with 15 years of experience in breeding Maine Coons, student judge FIFe.

Marianna Zvarich


Breeding cats her hobby that allows a rest from stress at main job on the post of Chair Board of the Ukrainian Youth Forum under the Ministry of Youth and Sports

Tatiana Sofieva


Her profession is dentist, but she loves cats all her heart and breeding the Maine Coon is engaged in a favorite hobby

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+38 (097) 969-27-33



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